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Optimized Architecture


The architectural

The architectural production of an office such as ARQUISTUDIO goes beyond the familiar concepts of “sustainable architecture”, bioclimatic architecture”, “industrialized architecture”, “modular architecture” and “technological architecture”.

The office establishes a project standard that aims integrating such concepts, adding in each project an increasingly broad conceptual value. The synthesis and combination of these processes lead us to a twentieth-century understanding called “Good Architecture.” I’ve chosen to name it: OPTIMIZED ARCHITECTURE.

The architectural product necessarily goes through a production process, ranging from establishing paths for obtaining and analyzing information until the moment of proposing a buildable mass. The creative process and the product, as a consequence, dictate a direct relationship with the enviroment, the surroundings and the envirolmental values.

The “optimization” highlights ARQUISTUDIO’s care in understanding the external and surrounding factors, the characteristics of each site and the particularities of each architecture program. In parallel, attention to the cost of the work is another determining factor in the process and integrates the formal and aesthetic proposition of the project.

Currently, the greatest accomplishment consists in technological advancement in favor of the building sustainability. In a short time, there will be no escaping from technological utilities such as solar heating and energy production and adequate water intake, ranging from rainfall to air conditioning drain.

The choice of intelligent safety systems, LED lighting and energy saving are also present in our daily lives. Likewise, we cannot disregard natural comfort systems, such as natural ventilation, lighting and sun protection.

The integration of such constructive concepts, technologies and materials strengthens the current character of an OPTIMIZED ARCHITECTURE, the brand of the qualified production of ARQUISTUDIO.